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COMBO-3 System

  • C3P14

  • COMBO-3 Processor
  • This C3P14 processor unit is a video processor with built in LED light source and insufflation pump. The video processor COMBO-3 is designed for the use in endoscopic examinations. It is an image processing unit and performs all functions of camera control, image detection, image processing, image optimization, control of the video display as well as operation controls of the user interface as well as the light source equipped with one LED lamp.


    The integrated pump delivers air pressure for both insufflating and rinsing. This unit is equipped with the “vessel” option, which gives more enhancement to the vessel observation in all GI observations.


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C3P14 - EndoMed Systems COMBO-3 processor unit 

Item No.



Video processor for COMBO-3 endoscopy system


Technical Specifications



Dimensions (WxHxD)

400 x 170 x 450mm


10.2 kg

Power supply

220 V / 50 Hz



Light source with air insufflation

1 x LED

Signal outputs

DVI-I, S-video (Y/C); FBAS (Composite), RGB

RS232, USB (optional)