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  • ENDO flator 150/200/300/450

  • Laparoscopy Insufflator
  • Features

    • Full automatic

    • Filter system for sterility

    • Up to 45 liters/ minute

    • Microprocessor controlled




      Designed for continuous gas supply from bottles or central gas system, easily switchable by the built in software, in order to reduce the post-surgery problems this unit can be equipped with gas heater optionally, the powerful software enable the self-check to ensure that all electronic and pneumatic components are in good running order, this unit provide 4 different flow of 15, 20, 30 and 45 l/min.

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ENDO flator

ENDOMED Insufflators

Item No.



ENDO flator150: Full Automatic Co2 Insufflator with Maximum 15 l/min Gas flow


ENDO flator200: Full Automatic Co2 Insufflator with Maximum 20 l/min Gas flow


ENDO flator300: Full Automatic Co2 Insufflator with Maximum 30 l/min Gas flow


ENDO flator450: Full Automatic Co2 Insufflator with Maximum 45 l/min Gas flow

Technical specifications



ENDO flator

Dimensions (W x H x D)

355 x 105 x 253 mm


6,5 kg

Power supply

100-240 V AC, 47…63 Hz

Power consumption

25 – 40 VA (25-105 VA with gas heating)

Safety class

Protection class: I

Application part: Type BF

CE Standard

classification acc. 93/42/EEC: IIb

EN ISO 13485 | 93/42/EEC | IEC 601-1, EN 60601-1C


Carbon dioxide (medical)

Gas connection

UNF 7/16"

Delivery contains

Insufflator, mains cable, CO2 high pressure tube UNF for

German gas connection, wrench set: SW14/ SW30, sterile

filter, standard silicone tube (not H version), system gas

heater with tube set (only H version), user manual



Flexible gas supply

The device can be used with gas bottles or central gas supply systems. The gas supply mode can be changed very easily by integrated software.

System gas heater

For reduction of post-surgery problems the DF series is available with a high efficient gas heater. The gas heater is preset and works on a plug and play base full automatically. The heat exchanger can be autoclaved with the tube set.


The on-screen-sisplay gives the surgeon the possibility to display the important values on the monitor.


The DF series stand for advance-continuous-flow-insufflation. That means no more disruption between gas flow and pressure reading phases.


The automatic self-check is activated each time the unit is switched on to ensure that all electronic and pneumatic components are in good running order.

This safety feature carries a guarantee for lifetime of the unit. The changeable sterile filter prevents reflux of liquids and contamination of the gas way.

Differential pressure indicator

A colored LED array shows the actual set point pressure difference between set value and factual value in the patient.



Version H

With gas heater

Version V

With OSD - on-screen-system